Drinking in a Hot Tub at a Corner Store

With the world not quite awash in COVID-19 (yet), I set off to Copenhagen in early March of 2020 to visit my sister. This city is one of my absolute favourites. Nowhere else in the world exudes such a sense of order and style to the point where I would say that there is nowhere else as civilized as Copenhagen.

While I have been to the Danish capital a handful of times now, there is always something new to discover. This time it is the local corner store KIHOSKH.

Not only can you drink at the corner store, yes just buy a beer and crack it on one of the picnic tables out front, but you can also do it in a hot tub. What?

Could there be anything greater?

Crack a beer, jump in the hot tub, get warm and enjoy the cold Copenhagen winter air in front of the local corner store. I don’t think it gets any better than this.

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