Eating Sushi from a Conveyor Belt in Shinjuku

Tokyo is busy, bright, noisy, smelly, crowded, and delicious — a full blown assault on one’s senses. For some this can be a stressful environment, for me, it is like some twisted urban paradise.

Amongst the organized chaos of the city, one of my favourite activities is a quick sushi snack or meal at a neighbourhood Kaiten Sushi restaurant. Because I love Shinjuku so much, I have developed some favourites here, but they are likely not what you’d expect.

While there are more popular and polished looking establishments my preference is for a little hole in the wall near the Shinjuku Station south exit. There are about 20-30 bar seats formed around the centre kitchen with chefs working behind the counter and loading up the conveyor belt with sushi.

A small team of chefs dishes up an array of nigiri sushi on spec and by request. The colour coded plastic plates tally the final bill. Coming from a place where sushi can be rather expensive, an over indulgent meal here might cost the equivalent of about $25.

Part of the fun is the utilitarian nature of a quick sushi stop with sustenance delivered by conveyor. Join the salarymen in their post-work snack for a quick bite and indulge your senses in one of Tokyo’s greatest treats.

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